Troy Space of London on anti-Jew, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Fritz Springmeier

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps July 6, 2013 18:25

Troy Space of London on anti-Jew, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Fritz Springmeier



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Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier

Adam Weishaupt; Founder, Bavarian Illuminati

“I’m going to go out on a limb here, as Fritz Springmeier is something of a “holy cow” to a number of posters here.  But consider a few things:

Fritz only ever paid lip service to the Jesuits having a role in the New World Order agenda and only ever lightly touched on Rome.

His task, whether self-appointed or an accepted commission (I came to the conclusion some time back that the latter is the more likely after several years of endorsing him) is to paint the N.W.O. “conspiracy” as Jewish (he sometimes stated “Zionist,” but uses the terms pretty interchangeably).

This, in my humble opinion, has set the truth-revelation aims of most within the conspiracy research arena (often misguidedly called the “truth movement” by many of those for whom this is a primary area of interest) back by many, many years.

The other “conspiracy theories” (for that’s what they are, might as well tell it like it is) is that the N.W.O. is at the capstone peak level Anglo-American (see Webster Tarpley), British royal (see Lyndon Larouche of E.I.R., and Jordan Maxwell), German aristocratic (Chris Everard of Enigma TV and Alex Jones), Reptilian shape-shifters (David Icke and his fellow mind-controlled cronies: Credo Mutwa, Arizona Wilder, etc.) or plain old “Masonic” (see anyone of a 1001+ names, I’ll refrain from listing them here).  Michael Tsarion hedges his bets and says it’s a Zionist/Royal/Vatican fusion, where all three are actually at the top level known as “Atonists.”

None of these theorists (and that’s being kind, one could call them counterintelligence diversion agents) can give you anything approaching a detailed, structured analysis of how power manifests from the highest levels and exactly who these higher levels comprise.  Despite decades of investigation, the biggest names listed here as well as a fair number of others are so vague about it that you wonder why they don’t just take up knitting or weather-forecasting for a “hobby”/life pursuit/calling.

Fritz is really no different, with the exception of his several volumes of the fruits of his research (if it is his research, that is), which are encyclopedic in detail and often absolutely huge in size.

To my eye, which is always analyzing not just the material, but the way its presented, who it’s presented by, what we are supposed to believe about them, what the “subtext” (implied, but not always obvious conclusions which we are being steered toward) is, it seems there are a few truths that are being left to one side.

Consider this:  How does one get to be a “de-programmer” of CIA (“Illuminati”) mind-controlled slaves, without having been a CIA (or possibly another intelligence agency, such as Army or Naval Intelligence) mind-control PROGRAMMER?

Makes no sense to me.  It’s not the kind of thing that one just stumbles into.

Springmeier has the support of a fair number of (mostly American) people who consider themselves to be “Christian patriots.”  Your average “Christian patriot” is being steered by CIA-infested, “alternative media” propagating conspiracy theories which mix in some real facts with a large dollop of bull-dung.  My contention is that American television “programmes” and Holly-Wood movies have been of such a low level artistically, aesthetically, especially in terms of the acting and stodgy scripts that your typical viewer of such dross (not only American unfortunately, as this crud has been shoved down the “throats” of the general populaces of most “developed” nations by now) that they will believe almost anything.  I don’t know whether or not Adam Weishaupt actually said it, but he is often asserted to have stated:  “Oh foolish Man: What can you not be made to believe?”  It’s a great quote anyway, and very appropriate here.

If anyone seriously thinks that Springmeier got all of his info from bulging filing cabinets and boxes of documents that were just given to him over the years and that happened to be lying around (none of which seemed to give him any idea of Rome’s unparalleled covert global power structure, whether via the priestly orders of the Jesuits and many, many others including Opus Dei, the Papal-loyal knighthood orders such as the Holy Sepulchre, SMOM, Constantinian Order, etc., or the Jesuit roots in the Alambrados and other Templar offshoots as well as their subsequent involvement in the beginnings of higher-degree Continental Freemasonry in Paris, which developed into the Scottish Rite.

Seriously:  How is Fritz Springmeier any more accurate than, ooh, say Hutton Gibson?  Fritz “Bible-believing Christian” Springmeier was both an early supporter of David (“Jesus Christ didn’t historically exist, despite what Josephus and Tacitus had to say about him, or the stoning to death of Jesus’ brother, James”) Icke.  Note that Icke promoted Fritz and his work very heavily, even showing the cover (of what I contend is most likely a group/committee-created tome, as I also contend about Icke’s own long series of large publications) of Bloodlines of the Illuminati on the projector screen for quite some time during one of his key, post 9/11, 6-hour power-point lectures that has been out on video for about six years or so.  Even if one agreed with Icke and was a secular atheist with a hatred of the notion of Christ or anything associated with Christ, surely this would be a red flag in regards to Springmeier’s own beliefs.

There are a number of attacks on Springmeier out there online, but rather than refer them to the reader (which writings are flawed and can be picked apart, which do not cover my central points and are most likely put out there to divert attention away from those who commissioned and/or wrote his books and what agenda he truly served), I will give you a link to an article, that really should help anyone who reads it, to be a bit more savvy about these “brave heroes” who spoon-feed the credulous and their adrenaline-activating “conspiritainment” (and I don’t even LIKE the author of the piece, based on various accounts by people who’ve known her, however this is worth studying, regardless of one’s personal predispositions): [Emphasis in bold--EJP]…ive-Convention-

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Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps July 6, 2013 18:25
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