A Call to Vote for Trump! Why?

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 5, 2016 21:00 Updated

A Call to Vote for Trump!  Why?


 A Call to Vote for Trump!  Why?


When Trump Wins the Popular Vote,

Will Prove “The Fix” was IN to Put Hillary

In office by Order of The Black Pope!



Donald Trump was chosen by the former Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolas, to be the “Judas Goat” to secure a Clinton-Kaine victory three days from now.  Your editor has drawn this conclusion based upon the following facts.

  1. Donald Trump has been a New York City insider for many years.  With his father Fred, Trump has attended the Al Smith Dinner hosted by the New York City Cardinal at the plush Waldorf Astoria Hotel several times in years past.  That annual dinner hosts the men and women composing the pope’s American White Power Structure overseen by the Archbishop of New York City, presently Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan.  In the words of the late Pope John Paul II, the Archbishop of New York City is the “Archbishop of the political capital of the world.”  Those in attendance every four years, including both presidential candidates, are either prominent Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members, Jesuits, papal knights, Skull and Bonesmen and/or high-level Freemasons, both Jew and Gentile.  One such CFR member is William “Bill” Clinton.  Another is Jesuit Joseph A. O’Hare, a CFR “presider,” past president of Fordham University for nineteen years, and now an editor for the Jesuit periodical, America.
  2. Donald Trump is well-acquainted with the men and women of power within the CFR having ruled the American Empire since the Society of Jesus conquered America, ousting constitutional, civilian government and replaced with statutory, “temporary,” emergency war powers military government on March 9, 1933.  (Knight of Malta and Georgetown University’s infamous Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh directed Protestant Scottish Rite Freemason, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to carry out the treason with Proclamation 2039 on March 6, 1933.)  Trump is also a prominent Protestant Scottish-Rite Freemason loyal to the Jesuits (as was FDR) as is the “Second FDR,” Freemason Barack “Barry Davis” Obama mentored in Chicago by Jesuit Greg Galluzzo.  For Donald was educated by the Jesuits at Fordham University from 1964 to 1966, a fact cleverly omitted by CNN’s review of the life of Donald Trump.  (CNN is also connected with the CFR!)
  3. Donald Trump has declared that if elected president, his foreign policy adviser will be Richard Haass, a papal court Jew and president of the CFR for the last fourteen years.  Clearly, if Trump were president, certain appointed CFR members would be directing his actions and making his policies.
  4. Donald Trump has been friends with the Clintons for years.  He has given donations to the Clintons while both Bill and Hillary attended his wedding to Melania back in January, 2005.  According to Trump, he and Bill have golfed together while discussing private matters.  And why not?  Bill Clinton was Jesuit-trained by the Order at its Georgetown University.  Not to be outdone, Donald sent his son, Eric Trump, to Georgetown University graduating from its McDonough School of Business in 2006.

Hence, we must conclude that both Protestant/Scottish-Rite Freemason Donald Trump and Protestant/Eastern Star Hillary Clinton are Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors—dubbed by the French “Jesuits of the short robe”working together to the same end.  That end is to make Hillary Clinton the president/commander-in-chief of the United States of America presently under emergency war powers military government since March 9, 1933.  The pope’s CFR-controlled prostitute press (MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, etc.), as were the attendees of the recent Al Smith Dinner, is solidly behind Clinton.  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is right: “Trump will not be allowed to win.”  Jewish servant of the pope and CFR-member, Freemason George Soros, presently agitating a Black-on-White race war financing “Black Lives Matter,” stated in early 2016 that Trump will win the popular vote, but the Electoral College will put Clinton in office.  Trump is right: “The fix is in.”  But unknown to the common working White man and woman, Trump is part of that “fix.”

Your editor was at the Trump rally yesterday in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  It was truly a massive event with nearly all White people in attendance.  ( I counted no more than 20 Blacks.)  As usual, every point advocated by Trump was right on target, at least for the working White men and women of this country so discriminated against by this military government for the last sixty years.  There was a tremendous enthusiasm that filled the “Giant Center” at Hersheypark.  Over 20,000 were attendance within and without the Center.

This movement, to be covertly managed by certain agents of the Order, is to culminate in the New Right’s fascist military dictatorship, then to blame the Jews for the nation’s troubles. (Roman Catholic Martin Lee tells of the coming American and European Fascism in his epic 1997 work, The Beast Reawakens.)  To be directed by certain Knights of Malta, our “communazi” police state will be a repeat of the destruction of apostate Protestant and Roman Catholic Germany.  Here is what your editor believes is in the mix:

  1. Eastern Star Sister Hillary will be put into the “vaginal” Oval Office of the Virgin Mary as planned and facilitated by Masonic Brother Trump.
  2. This will create outrage among nearly all Whites of the de facto American Empire.
  3. The FBI will terminate its investigation of Clinton’s deleted emails and crimes of the Clinton Foundation as of today, November 6, 2016.
  4. FBI Director James Comey’s termination of the investigation of both Clintons will further anger disfranchised, conservative American Whites to be herded into the Order’s New Right fascist agenda.  The New York Police Department, composed mostly of Roman Catholics, is now outraged.  Wonderful!  They will make perfect White Roman Catholic fascists!
  5. Hillary Clinton, groomed for the presidency for over twenty years, will be the Order’s “Evil Empress” Commander in chief.  (Her selection will further the Order’s New Right fascist agenda!)  She will continue to facilitate the Alien Roman Catholic Hispanic Invasion pursuing their “Secret Conquest” of America—for the benefit of the Jesuits!  What Angela Merkel has done to Germany and what Queen Elisabeth II has done to Great Britain, Hillary Clinton will continue to do to America, flooding our once White/Black Protestant and White/Black Baptist nation with Hispanic Roman Catholic as well as Sunni and Shia Moslem criminal invaders.
  6. Hillary will then do whatever it takes to confiscate all handguns, shotguns and rifles.  If FDR, via Executive Order 6102, took the people’s gold by May 1, 1933, Hillary can take the guns.  For all “U.S. citizens” are deemed “enemies and belligerents” living in States deemed “occupied territories” since March 9, 1933.  (Pre-March 9, 1933, Private Citizens of the United States/Private American Nationals are not “U.S. citizens” deemed “persons” under the “Trading With the Enemy Act” as amended by the “Emergency Banking Relief Act” of March 9, 1933.  For more information, please take my Pre-1933 Private American Citizenship Course!)
  7. Hillary’s Roman Catholic Vice President Tim Kaine will be her liaison between “the White House” (possibly named after Jesuit Andrew White—”the Apostle of Maryland”) and the Jesuits of Georgetown University, its president being Jesuit-trained, Knight of Malta and CFR-member John DeGioia.
  8. Fighting Joe” Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University, will be Hillary’s crusading “Darth Vader.
  9. Denis McDonough, Obama’s current White House Chief of Staff, and head of the “Executive Office of the President” created by FDR in 1939, will be Hillary’s Grand Inquisitor.  McDonough is a most devoted Irish-American Roman Catholic also Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.  He will be in full command of the Department of Homeland (“Romeland”) Security directing its roundups and transports to the FEMA death camps.
  10. Both the Red Chinese and Red Russian war machines will continue to be built by the Order’s military government ruling Washington, D.C., “Rome on the Potomac!”  Our top torpedo technology was given to Beijing during the Clinton administration and twenty percent of America’s uranium production, including ownership of a mine in Wyoming, was sold to Moscow by the administration of Jesuit-trained, Barry Davis Obama, Secretary Clinton negotiating “the deal.”
  11. Economic crash will ultimately ensue.  Civil breakdown will spread like wildfire.
  12. Martial Law will be declared due to the Black-on-White race war raging in dead earnest.  This will drive Whites to further fear, desperation, anger, rage and payback.
  13. The over-600 FEMA camps will be opened to be manned by the Department of “Romeland” Security directed by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Denis McDonough.  Alaska’s one-million-acre FEMA camp outside of Fairbanks will be the American “Auschwitz.”
  14. As revealed in the Iran-Contra investigation, over 21 million “American Negroes” will be arrested and sent to the camps.  (American Blacks constitute between 25-30 percent of the country’s population, not merely 12-13 percent!)
  15. The Capital in Washington, D.C., will be destroyed then to be moved to Denver.  A two-front war will begin with the entire nation placed on a total war footing made possible by FDR’s Proclamation 2040, the treasonous “Emergency Banking Relief Act” of March 9, 1933, amending President Wilson’s “Trading With the Enemy Act.”

Had not Trump been ” defeated” in the “election,” this scenario would not be able to unfold.  So your editor’s conclusion for everyone, and especially the Whites, is to Vote For Trump in Masse.  When the election is given to Jesuitess Hillary, then it will appear to all Whites there was no real election, both parties having played their part to this end.  The rage among Whites will feed the Order’s quest to impose New Right Jesuit Fascism.  The question will be demanded, “Who Did This?”  Jesuit agents such as Klansman David Duke will cry, “It’s the Jews!”  We shall respond:  it is none other than “The Pope and his Society of Jesus.”

For my message on this plot click here:  Eric Jon Phelps Show November 4, 2016.


UPDATE: Sunday, 13 November 2016

33rd Degree Scottish-Rite Freemason Donald Trump has been selected to be the Vatican’s president/Commander-in-chief of the United States of America, Rome’s de facto, “14th Amendment, Holy Roman, socialist-communist, corporate-fascist American Empire in place since March 9, 1933.  Again, we must accept the fact that Jewish Freemason Bernie Sanders, White Gentile Eastern Star Hillary Clinton, and White Gentile Scottish-Rite Freemason Donald Trump ALL WORKED TOGETHER to put Trump into the White House.  If the reader does not understand this “design” (as the word is used in America’s glorious “Declaration of Independence”), then he will never comprehend how the pope’s Anglo-American, International White Power Structure functions.  It appears to your editor that a decision was made a few days before “election day” to put Trump in office after Hillary became too tainted with irrefutable scandals which, if investigated, could have resulted in her impeachment (i.e., Bill Clinton), removal (i.e., John Kennedy) and/or resignation (i.e., Richard Nixon) from office.  That’s OK though!  Recently elected Black Pope, Arturo Sosa, controlled both “horses” and therefore always wins in EVERY PRESIDENTIAL SELECTION since the assassination of John F. Kennedy overseen by Jesuit-directed CIA/FBI/ONI/DIA/NSA/CFR/NOI/KKK/Freemasonic soldiers of New York City Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman—”The American Pope.”

The imposition of “New Right” Jesuit Fascism in America (and Canada) is ahead of schedule.  Your editor stated in his tome, Vatican Assassins” “Wounded In The House Of My Friends first released in 2001, the Jesuit “Company” would impose “New Right” Socialist/Cartel-Capitalist Fascism using a man who would be a White Gentile, an “Alpha Male” with tested leadership abilities, a high-level Scottish-Rite Freemason and an apostate Protestant so as to conceal “the Black Hand” of the Jesuit papacy’s secret rule of its American dictator.  Donald Trump possesses all those qualities.  The question is: “Will Trump do all the great, truly nationalistic things he has promised, or will he further the same internationalist, socialist agenda pursued by previous Republican administrations?”  This is the proverbial “sixty-four thousand dollar question.”

Brother Omar, my most articulate Black adviser in these matters recently posted an email.  Nothing more needs to be said.  With only a few edits, it reads:


Dear Friends,


Well, my dear beloved elder Brother Eric has once again been validated in his predictions.  Yes, us crazy “conspiracy theorists” have nailed it on the head once again.  It seems that our original premise was correct, that it was to be Trump brought to power.  I do apologize, because in the last few weeks I was led to believe that the Jesuits had selected Hillary, and were going to “rig” the election in Hillary’s favor.  I was wrong, but not completely.  It was “rigged” but in Trump’s favor.  There is no real election, it is all a fraud, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfzmV95cGNk


Well, the [White—EJP] fascist backlash is here.  The last 80 years and the last 8 years in particular of extreme socialist-communism, pro-Black, anti-American, anti-White policies was enough to birth the extreme socialist-fascist right wing backlash that the Jesuits wanted.  Remember, the Jesuit Papacy controls both the Democrat and Republican parties, by way of their Jesuit Coadjutors, Georgetown University and their trusted third party(s) the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and CNP (Council for National Policy).  There is no difference between the Dems and Reps, the left or right, the liberal or conservative, communism or fascism: they all work together for the destruction of the country and for the benefit of ROME!!!!  WAKE UP!!!! There is no election!!!!!  [Most correct Brother Omar!  In fact, the 1965 Voting Rights Act was promoted by White Freemason President Lyndon Johnson and Black Freemason A. Philip Randolph (the boss of Martin “Lucifer” King) as a memorial to the ending of real presidential elections in America!—EJP]


Everything is in place, FASCISM IS HERE!!!  Within due time there will be open “RACE WAR” (as we see unfolding right now with the dumb, stupid, mind-controlled White liberals and hateful Blacks with the anti-Trump protests).  Then there will be an assassination attempt(s), Washington D.C./the capitol building will be blown up, all guns will be confiscated, the police and the military will be officially merged, “Romeland” Security will go into full force and effect against the American people (the billions of rounds they were buying for the last few years are NOW going to be used!).  There will be mass-roundups, the country will be put under martial law and go on a total WAR FOOTING, the country will be thrust into a third world war which will culminate in our ultimate defeat and foreign military invasion by a Sino-Soviet-Muslim alliance.  Remember, there are currently three Jesuit Generals (Black Popes) in Power right now……..this is absolutely “UNPRECIDENTED” in the history of the Jesuit Order………and they have a Jesuit White Pope…………..Ladies and Gentlemen………….THEY ARE READY FOR WAR!!!!!!


Now, all these ZOMBIE movies that Jesuit Hollywood has been putting out these last few years make sense………they are laughing at us, making a mockery of us and throwing it in our faces and calling the American population the “WALKING DEAD”!!!!! 


Remember, by doing all this under the guise of fascism, it is ultimately demonizing [Biblical—EJP] “nationalism” and “patriotism,” which the Jesuit Papacy absolutely hates; for they cannot have a world empire if the people are “true” patriots and nationalists.  They’re making people hate nationalism, the majority of these liberals, progressives, communists are all “anti-American,” “anti-Bible” and “anti-White.”  One hundred years from now people will look back with contempt for “nationalism,” when America was under “nationalistic” fascism during WW3.  America will be hated just as Germany (formerly under “nationalistic” Nazi fascism) is hated today.  [Further, under the guise of fascist “nationalism,” Apostate White Protestant America will murder its Jews as did Apostate White Protestant Germany.—EJP]


The other day (11/9/2016) I spoke to a Black lady who remarked about the “sadness” that a majority of people were feeling about Trump being made President.  I told her, “Well, they only have themselves to blame.”  She questioned me, “What did you mean?”  I told her that the majority of the people who are upset are “liberal,” “progressive,” “socialists.”  She nodded her head, then I said, “For the last 80 years this country has been bombarded with these liberal, progressive, socialist policies which has facilitated the rise of a Donald Trump.  She looked at me like a COMET fell from the sky and hit her in the head.  When we were done speaking she said “THANK YOU”……as if I had opened her eyes to something.   


Interesting that here, on the east coast, on the day after the election it was a rainy, cloudy, gloomy day…..I guess symbolizing the doom and dread of what just transpired and where our country is headed.


I can only hope and pray that the last 60 years of forced racial integration has swayed some Whites to “realize” that not all Blacks are pagan, degraded, uncivilized savages and that they would either set up an “Apartheid” / new “Segregation” type system here in America, with the end result being for us to have our own separate country (but I don’t know if that is good to have it done under these Jesuit-controlled Fascists) or to send us back to Africa.  Black people don’t have a damnable clue!  Still running around here talking about some racism…….sounding like a broken record…….like a bunch of grown babies!!  Don’t have a fornicating clue!!!!  You Blacks are gonna “RACISIM” yourselves right into a concentration camp!!!!!  I said it before that Black people better get familiar with the movie called “Schindler’s List” because that is now our future.  Bottom line is that my Black race has “FORFITTED” it’s right/ability to have its own separate Nation way back in the 1960′s; our grandparents and parents have failed us by ACCEPTING Jesuit Communism…aka “The Civil Rights Movement,” when it should have backed Marcus Garvey and the UNIA, and now we are faced with “RACIAL EXTERMINATION“………what a sad, sad, sad situation. 


I speculate that there maybe some safety in having your “status” in order.  So everyone needs to take Brother Eric’s course ASASP!!!!  Remember, the military government (soon to be MARTIAL GOVERNMENT) doesn’t know who is an enemy or not.  The martial government will be sorting out the “desirables” from the “un-desirables” for extermination.  All “U.S. CITIZENS” are “assets” / “property” of the national military government and deemed “enemies,” “belligerents” and “rebels,” because they have “CONSENTED” to that status by not rearranging the fiduciary capacity of the “contract” / “trust indenture.”  Those claiming to be “MOORS” are concentration camp material, for they are known to be “anti-White” and hence are “subversives.”  The same thing may be true for those claiming the “secured party creditors” status, as this has also been put into disrepute within the last few years.  I speculate that you must be a “Pre-March 9, 1933, Private Citizen of the United States / American National / Non-”U.S. Citizen,” and a “friend” of the temporary military government with evidence proving such in order to be left alone.  I speculate that you “MUST” have a personal, private “OATH of ALLEGIENCE” to the de-jure Constitutional Republic of the United States or something to that effect.  Remember during/after the Civil War (military/martial government) the citizens of the Confederacy were forced to make an Oath of Allegiance [“the Ironclad Oath”—EJP].  But again I am only speculating, it may not even matter being as thought there will “officially” be no Constitutional government under Martial Law.


I don’t know what else to add on this situation…….but yes it looks like Jesuit Fascist Martial Law is now here, everything that Bro Eric has said for the last 15 YEARS is “TRUE” and “IRREFUTABLE.”  The Jesuits have only done exactly what they said they were going to do and the real “crazy,” “kooks” are all the liberals, progressives and the “coincidence theorists” out there who think that there is no conspiracy and that events of the world occur by happenstance.  I highly recommend to listen to Eric Jon Phelps everyday you can, buy his book, support him financially, attend his class, please post his website/radio show everywhere you can, for he is the most important man alive today in the world, see his website(s) http://247worldradio.com/  and   http://vaticanassassins.org/


May Jehovah bless you all in this most critical of times


Brother Omar


Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 5, 2016 21:00 Updated

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