Brian David Andersen on Jesuit Communism Imposed in Far East Nations via CFR

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps July 6, 2013 17:27

Brian David Andersen on Jesuit Communism Imposed in Far East Nations via CFR



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Jesuit Matteo Ricci, Red China Stamp, 1983: Ricci is the Founding Father of Communist Red China

Author, researcher and inventor Brian David Anderson succinctly reviews the Jesuit Order’s imposition of radical, collectivist, Socialist-Communism on the nations of the Far East.  The following is a quote from his forthcoming new book.  As an aside, Count Vittorio of Venice states that all Ten, Roman Royal Bloodline, Jesuit Council members live in China!

“Implementing this next phase of the New World Order in China required the assistance of American intelligence agencies such as the Office of Strategic Services and the  Central Intelligence Agency.  The directors of these covert U.S. government operations were both educated and controlled by the Jesuits.  Operatives working under Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles made possible the installation of Jesuit educated, promoted but the stupid, sexually addicted and cruel Mao Tse-tung whose forces crushed the monarch system.  Mao was born into a rich family that had generational ties to the Jesuits.  As a good cover to make Mao seem like the bad guy, he superficially expelled the Jesuits.  But  a line of Knights of Malta such Prescott S. Bush Jr. (George Sr.’s brother) directed  and dominated Mao and his successors since the Jesuit expulsion in 1949.

“As the Jesuit right hand of the Vatican was slapped away the Knights of Malta left hand took over control.  The “Long March,” communism and the “Cultural Revolution” were merely buzz cover words for the Vatican banning all religions from China except the Catholic faith that was practiced very quietly with no persecution.  Private property was banned in the forced system of Collectivism and if a Chinese citizen protested and tried to exert their rights as an individual they were sent to Jesuit designed “re-education” or concentration camps.  Jesuit-controlled organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Bohemian Grove tout China’s radical state of Collectivism as the only model for a one world government and the New World Order.  When even the most inexperienced student of Asian history reviews the facts and evidence, they will conclude that had the Emperors of China and Japan followed the lead of the King of Siam in the 1600s and purged any and all Jesuit influences from their countries:

1.    Japan would have never militarized and been set-up as the villain in the Jesuit dog-and-pony show called World War II.

2.    Japan would have never become part of the Vatican international banking system.

3.    China would have not had the prosperity based upon the opium trade and a population explosion between 1662 and 1800.

4.    Phuket would not have a mixed-race population and the land decimated by slave labor strip tin mining.

5.    Thailand would have never been invaded and taken over by covert Japanese military agents.

6.    China would have never adopted a communist style government.

7.    The Vietnam War of the 1960s and the lethal persecution of Buddhists by the Jesuit installed South Vietnamese Catholic military dictators would have never occurred.

8.    The genocide of Buddhists in Cambodia in the 1970s by the Jesuit-backed and the Catholic-practicing Pol Pot regime would have not occurred.  Pol Pot’s mentor was Zbigniew Brzezinski who also mentored Jimmy Carter and Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.

The Jesuits create and control the problem and know exactly how to manipulate and guide the solution to implement their New World Order featuring radical Collectivism that crushes any kind of Individualism.”

“See, my lord, from this room — from this room I govern not only Paris, but China; not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed.”

Michelangelo Tamburini, 1720 AD
14th Jesuit Superior General (1706-1730 AD)
Speaking to the Duke of Brancas
History of the Jesuits Vol. 1, p. 107
Andrew Steinmetz, 1848 AD

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps July 6, 2013 17:27
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