Real Story Behind 1999 Columbine Massacre: Black Pope’s Cold-Blooded Murder

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 22, 2011 15:59 Updated
Murdered Students of Columbine Massacre, 2009

Murdered Students of Columbine Massacre, 2009

The following is an email from one of your Editor’s foreign advisers, Brother Simon.

This is the finest analysis of that mass-murder and military psy-op your Editor has ever read.  All blame is put where it belongs: upon the Jesuit Papacy including the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei ruling the American Empire’s Unified Intelligence Community from Washington, (“District of Catholics”), rightly named “Rome on the Potomac!”



Dear Brother Eric,


As we both know, these kind of domestic black operations are run by the Central Intelligence Agency.  William K. Zabel has done extensive investigations into Columbine, and he, too, has concluded that Columbine was a CIA black operation.


Who was the head of the CIA at the time? George J. Tenet — Knight of Malta, Council on Foreign Relations, Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.


So, immediately, we know that the attack at Columbine High was the work of the Jesuit Order.
The two boys had to have been manchurian candidates, and we know that such programs are run by the CIA and the military. I feel that the military is the chief element involved in these black operations.
Eric Harris was the son of Wayne Harris, who was a long-time Air Force pilot that had been involved in covert Air Force intelligence projects. The family moved from air base to air base. The last one was Plattsburgh Air Force Base. At Plattsburgh, researcher John Quinn talked to a friend of Eric Harris’ who revealed that Harris regularly complained about being forcefully-drugged. Quinn was also contacted by a scientist who worked on the base and knew about many young “manchurian candidates” who were programmed there.


This tells us that the MKULTRA program that programmed Harris was overseen by the Air Force — of course, the Air Force is subservient to the President, Bill Clinton, who was trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown University and is/was a member of their Council on Foreign Relations.


The top men at Plattsburgh AFB would have had to have been involved to some extent. One of the high-level military officials who was involved in covert projects at Plattsburgh AFB was [Knight of Malta, EJP] Major General James H. Watkins, a high-level figure involved in missile warfare/development.


Watkins was seen at the base by one witness who reported his strange experience at Above Top Secret, an online message board.  While Watkins died before the massacre, he was alive until 1997 — based on articles in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican and other papers, Eric Harris and his family were at Plattsburgh from 1992-1996.


What does Watkins biography say about him? Check it out:


“[He] has continued graduate studies at … Georgetown University.”


Plattsburgh Air Force Base was clearly under the control of the CIA and US STRATCOM. The CIA was under the control of the Jesuits (via Tenet), as was STRATCOM (via Clinton).


What about Wayne Harris, Eric’s father?  Well, after “retiring” and moving to Littleton, Colorado, with his family, he would go to work for FlightSafety Inc., which makes military simulators — there, he served to teach people how to fly military planes.


Wayne Harris helped his son test pipe bombs, and one of Harris’ rants was on one of Wayne’s files — Wayne Harris wasn’t at work the day of the massacre and was seen with Harris and Klebold prior to the shootings. When they were reported, he was, as if by-design, the first one to connect Eric Harris to the Trenchcoat Mafia by calling the police and telling them that he felt Harris was involved because of his TCM membership.


Wayne Harris, a covert agent of the Air Force sector of Rome’s US Military/Intelligence Community under Jesuit Bill Clinton, Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta & CFR Member George Tenet, and Knight of Malta George H.W Bush, acted as a handler/supervisor for his son.


The area surrounding Columbine was tightly controlled by the military-industrial complex. This report notes the amount of control Lockheed Martin has over the town, and how it uses the area as a testing ground for “classified military projects”:

From the AP: In the 1950′s the Pentagon ordered construction of the nation’s first intercontinental missile factory in a secluded canyon here (Littleton). The factory is now owned by Lockheed-Martin where more than 10,000 employees (Littleton Population: 35,000- 39,000) now build unmanned rockets and satellites for telecommunications and space exploration as well as CLASSIFIED MILITARY PROJECTS (emphasis mine). Also in Littleton – National Digital Television Center – the research arm of the tele-communications industry. 10,000 out of 39,000: you do the math of how powerful Lockheed is there.
-Vladamar Valerian


The town is controlled by the defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which is involved in CIA/Military covert-operations ranging from wartime black-ops to assassinations and even to MKULTRA research. Bill Zabel met a Lockheed man in Littleton whose children went to Columbine, and he said that they were working on mind control.


So who controls Lockheed? The Jesuits own Lockheed and control it entirely. It is a front operation for the Jesuit Order. This is documented here:


So, a Jesuit military company completely ran the town that the Columbine High School Massacre took place in.  According to Tim White (Vietnam veteran, Vatican/Jesuit exposer), agents of the federal-govertnment/intelligence-community (Controlled by the Jesuits via Bill Clinton and George Tenet):


“I happened to BE in Denver and have been for 35+years.  I SAW the people in the crowd-in the very first video tape to come on air (on KGMH Channel 7, for the 11:00 A.M. news) who were OBVIOUS “suits” and I did indeed see the FEMA comm unit on several video tape scenes -from channels 4, 7, and 9- before it was removed and never seen again , but there are photos of this to prove that it was set-up on the school grounds.”


The honest John Quinn (Serious Columbine researcher) confirms that there were many military/intelligence spooks at the scene:

Not only was there a Major general at the scene, QUICKLY, but there where CIA, NSA, MI6, NATO and of course the Federal Bureau of Incompetence


And Donna Taylor (Mother of a Columbine student survivor who was shot 7 times and saw a third shooter on the roof) confirms that a ridiculous number of federal agencies were there:


So, who was running the military/intelligence community at the time?

George Tenet (Controlling the CIA at the time) — Knight of Malta, Jesuit-trained, Would later become a Jesuit Georgetown professor
Michael Hayden (Controlling the NSA at the time) — Roman Catholic, Trained at Duquesne University, a private Roman Catholic university
Javier Solana (Controlling NATO at the time) — Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta
Louis Freeh (Controlling FBI at the time) — Roman Catholic, Sent his son to an Opus Dei school, One of his sons goes to a Jesuit school
Richard Dearlove (Controlling MI6/SIS at the time) — Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (Run by the SMOM Queen)
A number of students saw a third suspect outside of the school. He has never been identified. While the two suspects (Allegedly Harris/Klebold) were armed, a short, pudgy third assailant with blondish-brown hair and a white shirt was seen by 7 witnesses. He wore blue jeans and black glasses. He was 5’10′. According to witnesses, he appeared to be somewhat of a “director” — he himself did not have a firearm, but initiated the attack by shouting “GO!! GO!!” and then throwing explosive devices onto the roof, which detonated.


Some news-videos show witnesses discussing this person:


Columbine researcher Ralph Zaeschmar has collected accounts from over 100 witnesses, proving that more shooters were at Columbine that day:


Since we know that both the mainstream newsmedia and the federal government are under the control of the Papacy, we have to ask the question:


Why Did The Papists Want To Cover Up The Third Assailant?


It seems that the police department was also assisting in the cover-up. Students who saw assailants other than Harris and Klebold were pressured to change their story:

“They said do not talk about anything to anyone. [...]
Because they will come after you; the snipers will come after you.”

-Donna Taylor, Mother of Mark Taylor (Shot 7 times at Columbine)


“Columbine witness Chris Wisher told to [him] repeatedly that other gunmen were DEFINITELY involved; and law enforcement ["]investigators["] are coercing witnesses into making their stories conform to the two “lone” gunmen theory.”

-John Quinn, Columbine investigator


Why is the police force helping the Papists cover up the other shooters? Bill Zabel concluded that the town of Columbine is a “Spook Town”, where everyone and their brother has a military/intelligence/federal background, or works for a Jesuit defense contractor like Boeing or Lockheed. Investigations of the police-department/fire-department showed that they were military operations, full of people with connections to the military or the intelligence community.

The police force was subservient to the Governor of Colorado, and the sheriff at the time of Columbine, John Stone, who played a key role in the cover-up, was a member of the Governor’s task force on child care. He was a crony of the Governor, whose name was Bill Owens.


After the Columbine massacre, a US intelligence agent who was at the scene noted Owens’ odd behavior:

Wilton was appalled at the “calculated” attitude of Governor Bill Owens as he surveyed the school. Owens was apparently “assessing” the damage to see what could have been done different. The commando tactics used were certainly straight out of the Feds book.

Now, what connection does Bill Owens, controlling the police department, have to the Vatican? Owens is a devout Roman Catholic, and according to researcher Bill Zabel, he is a secret Jesuit!

As well, the former Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens must take responsibility for helping the cover-up along as he is a Jesuit Priest and a part of the group that helped instigate this massacre; The New World Order.


So, can we identify any of the other assailants?

Of the 100+ witnesses, the name “Chris Morris” comes up several times:

28 ) Ashley Egelund(22671)
“Ashley was in north corridor when she observed (Redacted) and Eric Harris coming around the corner from the library…. She said Chris Morris was armed with a handgun while Harris was armed with a shotgun.(5248 ) ….both started shooting at Ashley…. Ashley did not know (Redacted) at first but she saw his picture in the yearbook and is positive it was (Redacted).


“Thought he recognized Chris Morris as being one of the shooters…. …on the west side of the cafeteria.”


Dustin Gorton(10743)
“He named 2 other individuals he believed to be involved as Nathan Dykeman, Chris Morris.”


“Daphne Baca had listed 4 names of possible suspects. Those names included Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Chris Morris, and Robert Perry.”


Chris Morris was a student associated with both suspects.  He was reported to be a “mean kid” who talked regularly about constructing bombs.  He was known to pull knives on students.
Morris was arrested at the scene the day of the shooting.  He was photographed being led away by the police.
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He, like other suspects, was released by the police force only hours after his arrest. Chris Wisher also reported that he was a shooter:

52) Chris Wisher(9832)
“….he recognized one of the shooters–the other shooter was the kid wearing black that was arrested and placed in cuffs and put inside a black police car.  He said that he is 100% positive that he was the male that shot at him.”


Morris’ mother was a police officer from the Cherry Hills Police Department.  Some people think that he obtained a gun from his mother. When he was arrested, he was visibly wearing a South Park T-shirt.  Students described a gunman in a South Park T-shirt on the roof, where many people saw up to three men.

So, with all of the evidence against Morris, what did he do?  He hid behind a lawyer named John Richilano, who was brought in to represent him.


A Roman Catholic, Richilano graduated from Marquette University, the Jesuit college of Wisconsin.


So, what about Dylan Klebold?  Well, it turns out that he wasn’t really a “geophysicist”, but a covert agent of the FBI’s HRT team.  Let’s not forget that the chief of the FBI was devoutly Roman Catholic Louis Freeh, who has links to Opus Dei and whose son goes to Georgetown.


There were several other shooters — Joseph Stair, who, like Harris, had a father who had been in the US Air Force and who had a mysterious job on Kodiak Island that involved things his own daughter could not recall.  Stair appeared to come from another background with military/intelligence connections, and we know that the road to military/intelligence leads to Rome.  Stair allegedly hung himself in September 2007, and there was unexplained blood on the ground, below where his body was hanging.


Students also identified several other gunmen:
Robert Perry

Nate Dykeman

Brian Sargent


All of them, including Joe Stair and Chris Morris, were involved in the Trenchcoat Mafia, which was a Satanic group inside the school that had been, according to truther researchers like Bill Zabel, started by the US Secret Services — controlled, as we both know, by Rome.

Now, what about the ATF? They were heavily present during the time of the massacre. According to “Wilton” (CRTF’s government source), they were involved in the actual shooting.

John Magaw was the head of the ATF at the time of the massacre. He was a papal knight.


It should be noted that Vice President Al Gore attended the memorial in a trench coat — was this a sick joke?  We both know that Gore is a prominent member of the Club of Rome.


Brother Simon


Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 22, 2011 15:59 Updated
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