EJP Adviser, Brother Nicholas Rivera: Movie Analysis of “Deliver Us From Evil”

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps April 11, 2011 17:38 Updated

EJP Adviser, Brother Nicholas Rivera: Movie Analysis of “Deliver Us From Evil”

Luther’s Papal Whore of Rome Riding the Beast Roman Empire Revived with Seven Heads and Ten Horns, Revelation 17

Dear Brother Eric,


You might find this documentary entitled “Deliver Us From Evil” very

interesting. I found it posted on Facebook and the link led to webpage

below. I want to preface this review with a disclaimer. The film is

graphic in detail as far as the accounts of sexual abuse are concerned

and there are about three instances or so in which profanity is used

as one of  the victims now an adult recounts his abuse by priest

Oliver O’Grady.




This film released by Lionsgate made by the courageous filmmaker Amy Berg is

a most telling expose. It is a detailed analysis and chronicling of the

inner workings of the Roman Catholic Institution cult of pedophilia,

pederasty, and victimization of the young and defenseless children across

this empire.  The documentary focuses on a Romanist priest named Oliver

O’Grady an unrepentant, manipulative, and deceitful man whose sexual

perversion knows no bounds.  Then Bishop Roger Mahony of Stockton, California

who would become the current Archbishop of Los Angeles and Cardinal clearly

aided and abetted this criminal by moving him from Stockton to the San

Andreas parish and appointed him “Pastor” of the area.  Mahony cared more

about maintaining a “bella figura” (see times-tamp 38:14) a good appearance or

impression so he would be promoted and the safety and well-being of the

children was not a concern in the slightest (See 29:57). Mahony did this to

further his own career and please his Jesuit masters who reward the

concealment of sexual abuse of children case in point is the Jesuit

Conference President Thomas Smolich SJ former Provincial of the California

Province of the Society of Jesus and at one time Cardinal Mahony’s immediate



The film succinctly reveals the following:


(1) Historian and Canon lawyer Catholic priest Tom Doyle defines temporal

power.  Speaking for the Roman Catholic hierarchy was ordained by God and the

laymen are to be docile and keep their mouths shut.  They are viewed as

cattle and they are to control them.  While openly claiming to act as an

advocate for the victims of abuse I believe he is a Jesuit Temporal

Coadjutor because while he openly condemns the actions of his Church he

speaks in apologetics legally tied to the Unholy See as if to say this

is the system so this is how it is.  If he truly rejected Roman Catholicism

and its priesthood cult of pedophilia he would reject Romanism and believe on

the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Unless the Spirit of the Lord draws him

and convicts him of his sin of involvement with the Romanist priesthood as a

legal representative of the most reprehensible, despicable, and abominable

corporation and organization on the earth so he will reject the traditions

of sinful men and the anti-biblical Magisterium, Council of Trent, “Moral”

Theology and dogma, he will not have the power that only comes from the God

of the Bible (AV 1611) and His Son to resist the dynasty and monarchy

that is Satan’s Black and White Papacy.  If Doyle’s opposition were truly

genuine then he would have been a victim of the poisoned cup by now and

dead-plain and simple. As history shows, Rome is a professional actor on

the world stage and has feigned and will continue to feign a desire to

reform however it never changes its secret policies only the semantics

to appease the public, i.e. Council of Trent and Vatican II.


(2) Then Bishop now Cardinal Roger Mahony had then at the time he had

O’Grady transferred and more so now has power and sway over the legal and

law enforcement of Los Angeles in that O’Grady was not arrested nor was he

brought to trial or held accountable for his molestation and rape of young

boys and girls.  You will hear Mahony say in no uncertain terms in a recorded

deposition regarding the allegations against O’Grady that a priest’s

attraction to or sexual abuse of children is no valid reason for him to be

removed from ministry.  Mahony employs the Jesuit tactic of mental

reservation during his deposition and answers the questions flippantly not



(3) Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta former governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating

was named chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Board

on sex abuse in 2002 as if that would result in any real reform or change.

This was an example of Rome keeping appearances and giving something to the

CFR-controlled press to print and broadcast for mass consumption.  Knight

Keating played his role well.  He compared his church to the Mafia which is

true, however I am convinced his words were calculated only intended for the

CFR press to publish and publicize only give the appearance of disagreement

with Rome evidenced by the fact he never left Romanism.


(4)  Family attorney for the Jyonos (Anne’s family) John Manly truthfully

stated that if the abuse of children is defended by [Roman Catholic]

doctrine then Roger Cardinal Mahony and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is a

cult!  This attorney is a Roman Catholic however he is honest and sincere I

believe in his stance against what his own church is doing on a massive



(5) The result ultimately of these heinous crimes against children and their

families is disillusionment with what was falsely presented to them as

Christianity.  Rome is the greatest purveyor of atheism in the world as

you will see as the film closes.  A very clear example of this is

Anne’s father who felt betrayed by the Roman Catholic Church which is

the wealthiest criminal organization on earth—indeed the mother of


ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.  (Revelation 17:5).  It’s an interesting fact

that all of secret societies controlled by the Jesuits and headed by

the Black Pope trace their origins to the “mystery schools.”  What is

the mystery?  I think it is the “mystery of iniquity” (2 Thessalonians

2) passed down through fables and occult stories which go back to

Babel and it’s Hamitic king (the first type of Antichrist in

Scripture) Nimrod descended from Cush, Semiramis and Tammuz.  You can

find them in every culture- Aztecs, Mayans, Sumerians, Phoenicians.

Read about Queztalcoatl believed by the Aztecs to be a serpentine

deity.  The characteristics of the “deity” are very telling—a white

and bearded male rising from the sea.  The Aztecs perceived the arrival

of Hernan or Hernando Cortes as the the return of their god in human

form (Rev, 13).  By the time they realized they were fatally mistaken

it was too late to defend against Cortes and his men in search of gold

and treasure brought disease and guns to plunder, pillage, and

eliminate the natives.


(6) There are several captions provided at the end of the film.  One them

shows George W. Bush granted diplomatic immunity to the Vatican and the White

Pope so Joseph Ratzinger can never be questioned nor will the files on

pedophile priests be released.


(7) Oliver O’Grady admitted he was sexually abused as a child by his own

brother.  He entered the Romanist priesthood as a result and this is par for

the course.  Satanic ritualistic pedophilia is a means of recruitment and

control over the minds, hearts, and and yes souls of men.  (See Revelation

18:13)  This is used to make certain a constant influx of Romanist Babylonian

priests who derive power and render worship to their god Lucifer/Satan

by sexual perversion.  Jesuit (Im)moral Theology namely the works of Fr.

Alphonso Liguori advocate and call for Catholic priests (who take a vow of

celibacy) to seek sexual release on a regular basis by any means as

proven in P.D. Stuart’s exposé Codeword Barbelon Vol. 1.


Behold this act of treason, this should anger every American especially we

men of God.  America has no business in the United Nations and no man who so

ingratiated himself to the Papacy by advocating the permanent observer

status of the Unholy See while he was campaigning should be allowed to be

President.  I’m of course referring to “The Decider” (imagine that) George W.

Bush that Bonesman who decided on nothing.  Freemason Richard Cheney called

the shots and Bush was the pseudo-Protestant crypto-Romanist who served

his god in St. Peter’s.



I’m interested in your thoughts on this as well as those of your other

advisers and those on the mailing list.


In Christ Jesus our Lord,

Brother Nicholas Rivera

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps April 11, 2011 17:38 Updated
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