Black Pastor James Manning: “Blacks Have Never Built a Ship that is Seaworthy”

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 18, 2010 18:20 Updated

Black Pastor James Manning: “Blacks Have Never Built a Ship that is Seaworthy”

Pastor David Manning, Harlam, New York, 2009

We should be thankful that there is at least one Black Man, claiming to believe on the Risen Lord Jesus Christ of the Reformation English Bible, who has enough courage tell the truth about the lower-cultured Black African races and nations.  If a White was to say such things, he would be tarred and feathered as a “racist and a bigot”—even as your White Editor has indeed experienced over the last several years!  But what Manning declares in the video above, purposely expressing himself with typical Black American “Ebonic English” colloquialisms, not only is the naked and obvious truth, but is based upon verifiable scientific observation as reflected in writings of 19th century students of Natural and World History.  To view the suppressed video of Pastor Manning, that video removed by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Paul S. Otellini controlling Google,  see Craig Oxley’s Unhived Mind website here!

One of those accomplished historians was White American Protestant John Clark Ridpath, LL.D, author of his 17-volume Ridpath’s Universal History, (New York: Merrill & Baker, 1901), first published in 1894.  Concerning the Hamite Black race he writes in Volume II, page 555-556:

“If we turn to the Black races of mankind, it will be perfectly reasonable to assert that they have effected, in the countries to which they were distributed, no perceptible changes in the conditions of their environment.  The Negro races inhabiting the great central belt of Africa have never shown a disposition to struggle with the forces of the natural world and to subordinate them to the purposes of life.”

[If Blacks do not struggle with the forces of the natural world in seeking to subordinate those forces, we can assume Blacks will not seriously resist the natural tendency to political tyranny, imposed by Rome’s International White Power Structure, as is the case here in America today?  There is no substantial Black outrage (in antithesis to the 80 million Whites within the “Tea Party Movement”) against the Jesuitical, socialist-communist, thieving, tyrannical policies of the Obama/Biden administration.]

“The same is true of the Hottentots.  Along the great African rivers the forests stand as they were from the beginning.  The towns are built in the forests by the river banks and nature is unchanged.  Though the country is peopled and occupied, it is in no sense possessed to the extent of mastery and dominion.  The same is true in Australia and Melanesia.  We speak, of course, of the influence of the native races in these countries.  It is a mere truism to assert that barbarians so low in the scale as the Australian and Papuan races neither would nor could modify the surface of the earth by their industries and enterprises.  The great difference, indeed, between the barbarian and the civilized states is that in the one the man is the master and in the other, the slave of the natural world.

Mastery Over the Black Man by Nature: Ridpath’s Universal History, Vol. II, Page 560

“On the whole, we see that the great modifying influence of man on his physical environment has been exerted most largely by the [White] Ruddy races, in their progress to the West [White Protestant Western Civilization].  The Brown races in Southern Asia have effected certain changes of the kind in the aspect and conditions of the outer world; but these results have been rather incidental to the massing of vast populations within small areas of territory than from any direct and energetic assault of man on the natural world.  In other regions, the Brown races have in no wise modified the nature of the earth or directed the forces and conditions of their environment.  The nomadic Turanians and the Polynesian islanders have submitted themselves to the laws of the material world, and turned their whole activities to other fields of exertion.  The Black races, as we have seen, have in a still less degree influenced the physical surroundings where they have held their career.  They have simply yielded to the blind elements of the natural world, and have resisted the swirl of the forces to which they were exposed only so far as to cling to the surface of the earth and maintain thereon a precarious existence.”

Now remember, there were no Nazis at the time of the writing of this history.  The science of Eugenics was being developed (i.e., noting obvious physical differences between the races as well as the cultures produced therefrom), remembering, that like all sciences, Eugenics could be used for good or for evil.  The concept of the Black and Brown races being culturally lower, in general, than the cultures of White races, in general, was a foregone conclusion after irrefutable facts of racial national existence were fully considered.  Clearly, we have the historically verifiable conclusion of cultural White Supremacy and cultural Negro Inferiority, which worldwide phenomenon necessitates the conclusion said cultural differences must be traced to genetic differences between the races.  The Jesuits know this and use these unchangeable natural laws governing race and culture for the benefit of their Counter-Reformation purposes in destroying White Protestant nations born out of the “heretic and liberal” White Protestant Reformation.

To the contrary, Ridpath now describes the Ruddy White or “Aryan” races, on page 556 and page 558.  But let us not fall into the pit of equating the term “Aryan” with the hatefully-racist, White Nazi ideology imposed on White Protestant and Jewish peoples of Europe via the Jesuit-ruled Nazi SS during Pope Pius XII’s Crusade in Europe, as Knight of Malta Dwight D. Eisenhower titled his book:

Master Over Nature by the White Man: Ridpath’s Universal History, Vol. II, Page 561

“There are also certain subjective reasons for the preeminence of the Aryan race as a modifying force on the surface of the earth.  These peoples have an instinctive curiosity to scrutinize and manage the elements of nature.  The Aryan, from our first acquaintance with him in the shadows of prehistoric ages, has been curious to know, to theorize, to experiment with the phenomena and laws of the material world.  In the most primitive epoch of his activity he created a mythology in explanation of the aspects and conditions around him.  From the time of the awakening of his tribal consciousness he was on the alert to note, and even to record, the movements and caprices of physical nature.  He was quick to discover the identities and antagonisms of natural facts, and thus were laid the foundations of these classifications which, in the riper ages of the world, have become science.

“In this respect the Aryans have been strongly discriminated from the peoples of Brown descent, and still more strongly from the Black races of the tropics.  It is doubtful if any such thing as natural science has ever suggested itself to the inquiry of thinkers among the Brown peoples of mankind.  Doubtless the highest degree of knowledge possessed by any branch of this family is that to which the Chinese have attained, and it is certain that among them the natural sciences are either wanting or else in so crude a condition as to merit no attention from the Western nations.  [All technological development of Far Eastern nations is derived from scientific advances pioneered in the West, the West enjoying “freedom of conscience” as applied to science, a freedom born of the White Protestant Reformation.]  Even from the Hamitic and Semitic families of men, the Aryan race is almost equally distinguished by its scientific tendency and attainments.  The disposition of the Semitic peoples, and of the Hamites in their best estate, as among the Egyptians, has been, from the first, to look at nature as a caused phenomenon, and pass immediately to reflection on the nature and character of the Cause; while the Aryan mind has had almost a passion for scrutinizing the phenomena themselves, for determining the relations of physical facts, and discovering the laws by which they are governed.

This subjective difference , as will readily be seen, has led to the scientific ascendency of the Aryan races and to their domination over the earth.  That is, the Aryan peoples have mastered the laws of phenomena and subordinated the forces of nature so successfully as to turn them upon their environment, and to compel nature to operate against herself for the benefit of her most intelligent creature.  The modification which these peoples have effected in the general aspect of those parts of the world where they have held their career has been resultant from their instinctive curiosity to know and handle the forces of the natural world.  If for a moment we contemplate the hydraulic miners at their gigantic task among the gorges of the Sierras, with the uplifted brazen nozzle of their hose throwing a volume of more than a hundred square inches of water, compressed into the destroying impact of a solid column, against the granite mountain side, hurling and hurting the boulders and debris as mere sand flying before the blast, we shall see the Aryan mind displayed at its topmost bent and in its most characteristic activity.  This intellect delights in attacking the environment and crushing it into subjection.  And in this respect it is totally unlike the quiescent and adjustable intellect of the Brown or the Black races. . . .

Concluding on pages 560-561 and 566 as to the cultural supremacy of the Ruddy White races, Ridpath declares:

Avro Arrow CF-105: Designed and Manufactured in White Protestant Toronto, Canada, 1958

“It would be trite to enlarge upon the advantages which the highest races of men have derived from their knowledge of physical nature and the laws by which it is governed.  As between this knowledge and the general fact called civilization, defined as it is in our modern languages, it were hard to determine which of the two more powerfully stimulates the other.  A certain kind of civilization may exist without the prevalence of scientific knowledge, and a certain kind of scientific knowledge may prevail without inducing a high grade of civilization.  But, on the whole, the two are concomitant.  The more the man knows, the more does he develop and direct the civilizing forces.  The more he uses the forces of civilization, the more he knows of the principles by which universal nature is controlled and directed.

“As compared with the other races, the Aryan stock has been preeminent in these respects.  The distinction between them and the Hamitic and Semitic families of men on the line of scientific achievement is sufficiently broad, and when we look at the Brown races of Asia and Polynesia and at the Black races of Africa and Melanesia, we can but be struck with the strong contrast between the indifference of the latter to natural law, their inability to control and direct for benefit the forces of the material world on the one hand, and the breadth and profundity of scientific knowledge and astonishing benefits derived therefrom by the Aryan, or Indo-European, families of mankind on the other.

“It is believed that the differences in the intellectual habits and achievements of the several races as viewed from a general point of observation are most distinct and striking with respect to this great fact of natural law and the connection of man with the material world. . . .

“In these respects, we find again that the [White] Ruddy races have been superior to the correlated branches of the human family. . . . On the whole, the superiority of the Ruddy races over the other varieties of mankind, in their masterful relations with the physical world, in their concept of natural phenomena and the laws by which they are governed, in adaption of means to ends in gaining and maintaining a dominion over the earth, and in the exercise of an adventurous and rational spirit, giving them preeminence and leadership, is undeniable and sufficiently striking.”

But Why do the White Ruddy races dominate the earth?  Ridpath suggests that cranial capacity (Ah, the forbidden topic never to be considered or even discussed in any academic arena lest the student or professor be accused of “hateful racism!”) plays a noted part in providing an explanation.  He writes on pages 571-572:

Table of Cranial Capacities, 1901 Ridpath’s Universal History, Vol. II, Page 571

“From the  foregoing schedule it will be seen that the native Australians are the lowest type of men in cranial capacity, being inferior in this respect to the Negroes by an average of eighty-four cubic centimeters.  The table does not include the Hottentots as a separate study.  These people, as a matter of fact, have a cranial development intermediate between the Australians and the Negroes.  Again, it will be noted that the Mongoloids have an average capacity of eighty-two cubic centimeters in excess of the Negroes, while the average capacity of the Aryans is forty-four cubic centimeters above the measure of the Mongoloids.  It will also be observed that the preceding table does not exhibit the relative size of the brain of the Papuans, but from other sources this has been found to be above that of the Australians, and nearly identical with that of the Hottentots.

“It may well be confessed that this physical index discovered in the capacity of the brain for the several races points distinctly to a certain grade of rational activity and progressive power in each people.  Here, then, is the fundamental fact of a certain quantity of brain forces expended in the administration of life among the various peoples of the earth.  The same is correlated with other peculiarities of the anatomical structure [i.e., genitalia size difference among the races, Black males, in general, having the largest].  It is found that the cranial cavity is very variable in its shape, conforming in its proportions and relative distribution of parts to the general configuration of the skull.  And this is typical in each of the primary races.  It is not the place to enter into any elaborate illustration of the definite angles and peculiarities of the human skull, or to describe by comparisons its various approximations to the crania of other animals.  Such discussion belongs to special scientific treatises, and the results derivable therefrom could play but a small part in the ethnic history of mankind.”

This is why, Dr. Manning, the Black man has never built a boat that is seaworthy—as you have observed.  He is incapable of the task if left to himself, untrained by Aryans or Mongolians.  This is why there is no Black African nation with the ability to engage in mining, oil drilling, weapons production,  air-conditioning manufacturing and even diamond cutting using its own Black population.  They, left to themselves, simply do not have the intellectual abilities to create such a culture in competition with White Aryan or Asian Mongolian Nations, they also left to themselves.

And in destroying the Bible-based, White Protestant nations born out of the White Protestant Reformation, the Counter Reformation Society of Jesus has enforced a practical Black Supremacy (via a Jesuit-directed tyranny in Washington, D. C., imposing forced integration).  This wicked policy of forced racial integration has led to racial amalgamation now converting America into a mulatto nation.  This diabolical crime, as foretold by White Southern Presbyterian Robert L. Dabney in his Defense of Virginia and the South (1867), has been committed by select agents of the Order imposing the religious belief of Roman Catholic Sir Thomas More’s Utopian, socialist-communist doctrine of “universal equality” during the last 60 years.

Flag of ProBaptiCal, New White Protestant and Baptist Nation withn Seceded Pennsylvania, 2025

This is why your Editor calls for White Protestant and Baptist believers to obey the Bible’s maxim of racial separation to the end that White Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists might establish a new nation here in North America.  Our purpose is that we might serve the one true God our Father in preaching and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ (as formerly intended by Oliver Cromwell’s White Puritan Commonwealth).  This obedience will further tend to preserve our blessed White race enjoying all the attentive benefits derived therefrom.  And the Pope’s International White Power Structure, aided by certain of the Pope’s Court Jews within the RIIA and CFR, can once again tremble at the reality of a White nation armed with the Word of God (“the Sword of the Spirit”) and high-tech Weapons (“the Sword of Just Defense” so termed by John Knox!) wielded by White Men of Faith, real men driven by an unfeigned refusal to submit to the Pope’s ludicrous Temporal Power without a righteous war unto the death in resisting unbridled, Jesuitical, anti-Christian tyranny!

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 18, 2010 18:20 Updated
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