Knights of Malta rule Blackwater (Xe), the CIA and its “Boy,” US President Obama

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps October 6, 2010 19:04 Updated

Knights of Malta rule Blackwater (Xe), the CIA and its “Boy,” US President Obama

Knight of Malta DCI Leon Panetta & President Obama, 2009

Mulatto Barry Davis Soetoro (alias “Barack Hussein Obama”), the alleged “President of the United States,” is the “House Nigga” of that White devil in red shoes, Pope Benedict XVI, while serving the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations and its enforcer, the Central Intelligence Agency (“Catholics in Action”).  Davis/Obama is the creation of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Roman Catholic Socialist-Communist, a Bilderberger and a CFR/Trilateral Commission member.  This wicked sinner not only participated in the Panama Canal giveaway (effective as of 1999) as President Carter’s National Security Adviser, but he also aided in the Order’s creation of mass-murderer Pol Pot of Cambodia, Osama bin Laden (CIA alias “Tim Osman”) and now “Barack Hussein Obama” whose immediate adviser is a White Roman Catholic and Jesuit honoree, Vice President Joe Biden.  Yes, Barry is merely “Step-n-fetchit” for “massa” Joe!  The Pope’s International White Power Structure in place since the Congress of Vienna (1815) has controlled the American presidency since its assassination of President Lincoln regardless of who may be in office.  Resist it, and you will be “JFKd!”

The Black Pope’s Knight of Malta/Masonic International Intelligence Community was perfected during the Pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990).  One of its major architects was Hitler’s right-hand man and controller, SS General Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile.  Of the 750 corporations he created with Nazi SS loot (while Jesuit Coadjutor Bormann enjoyed the protection of post WWII Argentinian dictator and Knight of Malta Juan Peron), all of them became fronts for the CIA presently directed by Knight of Malta and Jesuit darling, Roman Catholic Leon Panetta connected to the Jesuits of their Santa Clara University.  Panetta’s CIA, in turn, is doing business with Knight of Malta Roman Catholic Erik Prince’s Blackwater (Xe), the world’s most powerful mercenary army!  This very same pope-serving CIA also created the Pakistani ISI now building a Muslim enemy for US forces to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  And guess who went to Pakistan as a CIA operative way back in the 1980s?  That’s right, Muslim Barry Davis Soetoro who at that time adapted an Islamic name!  The following report by Wayne Madsen illustrates the point while addressing other issues most pertinent to our dark hour.  Enjoy!


Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz, Blackwater Official, 2005

September 5-7, 2010 — CIA did business with Blackwater through over 30 Brass Plate Firms — Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) Names Them!

In yet another example of how Barack Obama is subservient to the wishes of the CIA, his one-time employer, it has been revealed by the Senate Armed Services Committee that the former Blackwater established a network of 31 brass plate, shell, and off-shore tax dodging subsidiaries, many of which had contracts with the CIA.  Some of these contracts continue with the CIA, as well as the State Department.  The CIA’s contract work with the successor companies to Blackwater and its subsidiaries has been authorized by CIAQ director Leon Panetta, who one former CIA official described to WMR as an “asshole who is merely a figurehead.”

The New York Times recently reported that the Senate Armed Services Committee issued released a chart showing that Blackwater and its various entities, described as over 30 shell companies, to garner U.S. government contracts even after it was cited for human rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  More recently, the successor to Blackwater, Xe Services LLC, was awarded a $100 million contract by the CIA to provide security for its base of operations in Afghanistan.  Erik Prince, Blackwater’s founder, recently moved to Abu Dhabi [the second largest city in the UAE, Dubai being the largest] with his family to seek new business for Xe Security in the region.  [Rome’s Knights of Malta are busy rebuilding the Kingdom of Babylon (under the guise of building a new Sunni Caliphate) to extend from Dubai to Istambul!—EJP]

Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos I & Freemason President Obama, 2010

The New York Times misses the point in its revelation.  Blackwater/Xe and all of its contrivances, many of them off-shore firms far removed from U.S. government oversight, fit the pattern usually found with CIA front companies.  The fact that President Obama, himself, worked for such a firm, Business International Corporation in Manhattan, appears to have been lost on Senate Armed Services Committee chairman [Jewish CFR member] Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and his committee investigators.  With [Roman Catholic] Panetta at Langley and [Roman Catholic] Robert Gates, a former CIA director at the helm of the Pentagon, Obama has signaled to the U.S. intelligence community that the use of CIA proprietaries by his administration is every much “business as usual” as was the CIA’s use of Southern Air Transport, another CIA proprietary, during the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s [overseen by Jesuit Fordham University-trained Knight of Malta DCI William J. Casey].  There also is no indication that Obama has abandoned the use of CIA airline proprietary firms [such as Evergreen Airlines], with post office box and mail drop addresses scattered across the United States that were first used by the [Skull and Bones/Masonic] Bush-Cheney administration in the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” kidnapping and secret detention program.

The Times article mentions two Blackwater/Xe shadow firms, XPG and Greystone Ltd.  WMR previously reported on the use of Barbados’s company confidentiality laws by Blackwater to establish Greystone as an international marketing arm of Blackwater/Xe.  From Barbados, Blackwater/Xe is free to conduct mercenary recruiting operations from nations around the world with dismally poor human rights records and ex-security force personnel more than willing to engage in their murderous activities under contract to the CIA, Pentagon, or any other repressive tin-horn dictatorship willing to pay.

Knight of Malta Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater/Xe, 2009

On October 13, 2007, WMR reported on Greystone stirring up a political hornet’s nest on Barbados: “Blackwater USA’s international marketing branch, Greystone, Ltd., registered as an International Business Company in Barbados, is beginning to create a political stir in the Caribbean island nation.  Recently, Erik Prince, Blackwater’s Chairman and CEO, testified under oath to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Blackwater did not market foreign governments to provide security services.  He testified that the only foreign contracts performed by Blackwater were under license from the U.S. government.  However, Greystone’s website states the following about the subsidiary’s foreign marketing:

“Greystone is an international security services company that offers your country or organization a complete solution to your most pressing security needs.  We have the personnel, logistical support, equipment, and expertise to solve your most critical security problems.”

Prince seems to have omitted Greystone as a Blackwater firm during his congressional testimony.  Or he perjured himself under oath.  Blackwater’s presence in Barbados, under the corporate confidentiality regimes of the Caribbean island nation’s off-shore corporation hosting legal contrivances, has stirred up opposition in the country.  Bajans are pointing to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Senator Lynette Eastmond, who has oversight authority for foreign corporations in Barbados.  However, the selection of Barbados as Blackwater’s headquarters for its international marketing arm is likely due to the island nation’s past cooperation with other U.S. “covert activities.”

In the book, Jaded Tasks: Brass Plates, Black Ops, and Big Oil, this editor delved into the use of various corporate contrivances by U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies in the so-called “global war on terror.”  Although Obama said the global war terror is a thing of the past, it is another case of not listening to what Obama says but watching what he does.  There is no indication that Obama is any different from his predecessor in using secretive corporate identities to mask U.S. covert operations, many of them of questionable legality, abroad.

The New York Times curiously did not produce Levin’s committee’s chart showing the some 30 Blackwater/Xe shell firms, partnerships, and subsidiaries.  We are providing that information in the table of Blackwater/Xe’s various corporate contrivances and linkages at the end of this article.

Papal Knight Zbignew Brzezinski and CIA creation Osama bin Ladan, 1990s

With private military contractors like Blackwater/Xe having hired tens of thousands of soldiers of fortune to supplement the military and para-military activities of the United States, Britain, and other countries, there may be another reason to keep these privateers fully employed. One such ex-private military contractor, who now finds himself out of work because of blowing the whistle on contract fraud and ties between private contractors and known terrorists, was more than willing to tell WMR what he discovered in his work in Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Afghanistan and that is that “Al Qaeda is made-up bullshit.” [Of course, as Al Qaeda was created by the Knights of Malta via the CIA!]

On April 16, 2010, General Stanley McChrystal, the then-commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, stated in a speech in Paris that the use of private security contractors in combat zones had “gone too far.” Perhaps that was one of the major reasons that the CIA’s sock puppet, Obama, and its one-time director, Gates, fired McChrystal.  To have the top U.S. military commander questioning the CIA’s covert wars and use of brigands to support them was likely the final nail in McChrystal’s professional coffin.

With [Jesuit Georgetown University-trained] General David Petraeus, the neocons’ favorite general, now in command in Afghanistan and Prince safely ensconced in Abu Dhabi, the CIA and its former employee Obama are free to continue to act in the shadows away from public scrutiny.  [Emphasis in bold—EJP]

The Web of Blackwater

The Prince Group (holding company)
Blackwater USA à Xe Services LLC
Blackwater Worldwide à Xe Services
Prince Manufacturing
Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), LLC
The Black Group (merged to form TIS)
The Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (merged to form TIS)
Technical Defense (merged to form TIS)
Blackwater Lodge & Training Center à US Training Center
Blackwater Airships, LLC à Guardian Flight Systems
Blackwater Maritime Solutions
Raven Development Group
Blackwater Target Systems à GSD Manufacturing
Blackwater Security Consulting
Blackwater Peace and Stability Operations Institute
Blackwater K-9
Aviation Worldwide Services (AWS) à AAR Corporation
STI Aviation, Inc. (subsidiary of AWS)
Air Quest, Inc. “
Presidential Airways, Inc.
Blackwater SELECT (Karachi)
Kestral Holdings (Pakistani partner)
Kestral Logistics
Kestral Trading
Blackwater PTC
Paravant, LLC.
E&J Holdings LLC
Greystone, Ltd. (Barbados)
Satelles Solutions, Inc. (Philippines)
Constellation Consulting

Grupo Tactico (Chile) (partner) –> Red Tactica Consulting Group,Washington, DC
Neskowin (Uruguay) (recruiter)
Global Guards (Panama) (recruiter) –> Gun Supply (Lima) –> Triple
Canopy –> Your Solutions, Inc. (Honduran recruiter) –> Clayton
Consultants –> AIG
TigerSwan (spin-off)
Babylon Eagles/TigerSwan (Iraqi joint venture)
Sovereign Military Order of Malta (diplomatic cover)*

* Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta(SMOM) is a Roman Catholic order based in Rome and enjoying sovereignty under international law.  It has observer status at the United Nations and issues diplomatic passports.  It has diplomatic relations with a number of nations where Blackwater/Xe is reportedly active, including Chile, Philippines, Bulgaria, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, and Somalia.  The entity also operates its own military aircraft.  Prince and other top Blackwater/Xe  executives are members of the SMOM, leading to charges that they are trying to renew the Christian Crusades against the Muslims.”  [Emphasis in bold—EJP]

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps October 6, 2010 19:04 Updated
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