EJP Poses Question to Indonesian Muslim Scholar Against Rome

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 23, 2009 18:54 Updated

Indonesia-6th-President-Susilo-Bambang-YudhoyonoSalaam Dr. Omar,

It is my position that the vast majority of Muslims are not of this persuasion (pictured below in London).  Further, the very presence of all these Muslims in historic White Protestant Western nations—now Catholicized and ruled by the Jesuits—has been facilitated by the agents of the Pope of Rome, including their financing by the Pope’s Wahhabi-led, oil bonanza of Saudi Arabia.   Therefore, the Jesuits are using their Islamic-Freemasonic Jesuit Coadjutors leading these kinds of incendiary demonstrations and subsequent acts of violence to unite and then radicalize (via Jesuit Fascism) the Whites of every persuasion.

For Jesuit Fascism is right where the Order seeks to take England, America, Canada, and really the entire Roman Catholic European Union.  The movie V for Vendetta makes clear this conclusion.   What better way to bring White Jesuit Fascism into the West than to import tens of millions of Muslim immigrants into historic White Protestant nations—again, whose major cities are now Catholicized and ruled by the Jesuits—, give them protection and preference by the governments controlled by the White agents of the Order (Papal Archbishops and European Royals ruling the Secret Societies directing the American CFR and British RIIA), blame New York City’s 911 and London’s 7/7 on all Muslims in general rather then on Rome’s intelligence communities (American FBI/CIA/DHS; British MI5/MI6; Russian FSB/SVR) using certain Muslim Jesuit Coadjutors, and then ignite a worldwide, racially White, Papal “Christian” Crusade against racially Black and Arab peoples of Islam as desired by SMOM CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Angleton (the “mole” and arch traitor to every lower-level agent within the CIA) way back in 1971—three years after Arab Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was the fall guy in the CIA assassination of Robert F. Kennedy?

Further, would not the killing of millions of Arab Muslims (first Shia and then Sunni) deliberately brought into the West, further stabilize the Pope’s revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,” i.e. Israel, presently ruled by the Black Pope’s Freemasonic Protestant and Jewish Templars, Freemasonic Islamic Assassins and Freemasonic Roman Catholic Hospitallars?  Would not the subsequent, political stabilization of the “Kingdom of Jerusalem” after this presently unfolding, soon-to-be worldwide, Jesuit-directed Crusade enable the peaceful building of the Third Hebrew Temple as intended by the Black Pope?  Do you agree with this analysis?

Lord Bless,

Brother Eric

View the pictures below and decide how you really feel about the future of the apostate Protestant, unrepentant and doomed, Western World.  These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their  “Religion of Peace Demonstration.”


Muslims Demonstrating in London 1

Salaam Dear Brother,

Yes, I agree.  The agitation is similar to all other revolutionary
devices they’ve used over the past 300-400 years and reminds of some
riots in Rome sparked by uppity Centurions and Tribunes.  That’s very
clear.  And, yes, you are correct in saying that the vast majority of
Muslims care not for such demonstrations, and would rather go about
the business of civility and piety.

Perhaps what one sees here is the Muslim half of the mundane Western pedestrian frustrations taking to the street, and even those are ludicrous events marking a disenfranchised group of fools. If I recall correctly, the Reformation was not a rabble roused affair, but was directed by men of responsibility, learning and courage who were admired and supported by those who took up the cause.

Here you have nobodies leading nobodies for no good reason and
nowhere; which then opens the door for chaos and anarchy.  It’s
clearly not the same phenomenon, nor does it follow the example of
Mohammad or Jesus.  But it does fit the Internationalist modality as
designed by the dogs and bitches of Loyola’s cult.
True reform is directed by men who nail their demands and indictments
to the doors of the wicked and then face them in court and/or battle
as needed.  Men of God do not take to the Streets, they go to the
temples and the palaces of Kings and bring God’s judgment even at the
cost of their life.Be that as it may, the other side of the above coin concerning Muslims
who peacefully stay at home is this: they are oblivious to what is
taking place and / or apathetic., and / or sympathetic to the ecumania
of universalism and don’t want to rock that boat because it appears to
be putting rice in their bowl.Now … what’s to be done?  I doubt any political venture is called
for, and militancy at this stage of the game is far too late and plays
further into the hand of Romanist devils.  Hence, I can see only a
campaign of education, patience and prayer awaiting God’s guidance
and/or intercession as we strive to build our meager Arks and save
whatever seed God permits.

America’s lost, Europe is rising towards whatever, China is patiently
waiting, and Russia is drinking wile waiting for winter to come so
they drink some more.  Japan is negotiating, Australia is down-under
hiding, Africa is starving, and the Middle East?  Well, they’re
waiting for the Pope to come back, aren’t they?  South America? Hmmm
… siesta or carnival, take you pick.

As for the Christians, they’re prophesying and praising and claiming
their next pulpit, paycheck, mate or dole; the Jews are nervous; the
Zionist are like squirrels preparing for the next Ice Age, and
Muslims, for the most part, are waiting for God to do something as
usual, while counting their prayers and good deeds and dreaming of
heaven.  Catholics?  Hmmm, I guess their toasting the next excuse for
another party while awaiting May Day’s procession and the next dikdat
from whomever they’re worshiping.

As for me?  Well, I’ll soon send you something that will show you.
May God have mercy on us all and grant us His eternal refuge.wasalaam,dr omar

Eric Jon Phelps
By Eric Jon Phelps November 23, 2009 18:54 Updated
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